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Service Plan

A Service Plan for a Special Water and Sanitation District describes what services will be provided, sources of water, planned infrastructure and financial arrangements for providing such services. The Service Plan for the Steamboat Lake Water and Sanitation was originally submitted in 1972 when the District was formed. The purpose of this Service Plan revision is simply to update the 1972 Plan to reflect current conditions and to compile all documentation in one place.


SLWSD Service Plan, rev. 2016

Exhibit A Water District Service Plan, April 1972 excerpts

Exhibit B Sanitation District Service Plan, April 1972 excerpts

Exhibit C1 Audits

Exhibit C2 2024 Budget

Exhibit D Map of Water Supply Infrastructure

Exhibit E Map of Existing Wastewater Infrastructure

Exhibit F1 Map of District Boundaries

Exhibit F2 Snapshot of Filings 1 - 8

Exhibit F3 Assessor Detailed Maps by Filing (1 - 8)

Exhibit F4 District Boundaries Legal Description

Exhibit G Master Plan

Exhibit H1 Water Rights Analysis

Exhibit H2 Water Rights Map

Exhibit I Well Permits